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New York Red Bulls Show Their True Colors

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Saturday, June 1st: 4-0 Win

Welcome to June! I hear it likes to bust out all over… but I decided against Broadway musical themes this season, so I’ll just leave that there. The New York Red Bulls hosted Real Salt Lake in a cross-conference match at home in Harrison.

In a world full of people…

From the moment I arrived, there was a celebratory vibe outside the Stadium. There were Cirque du Soleil performers and traditional Portuguese dancers. I walked past a freestyle exhibition and games for kids. Music was playing, and fans were chatting. This is nothing new. But it felt…different. There were more kids than usual, probably indicative of the school year coming to an end. The fans were excited… because they hadn’t seen the team play in a week? Because former RBNY coach Mike Petke was returning to his old stomping grounds? Because fireworks were expected after the match?

Because fireworks of a different sort were expected during the match?

Don’t be discouraged…

The first half was rather sloppy on both sides of the ball. RBNY had twice as many shots on goal as RSL, but nothing found the back of the net. Red Bulls also had majority of possession, but it didn’t mean much of anything. And while I’ve touched a little bit on what the High Press style means, I may not have pointed out that it actually does not rely on possession. However, I know that in the last few games, the scales have tipped to New York in terms of possession. Maybe I just don’t know what things mean anymore…

Don’t be afraid to let them show…

Just when it may have seemed that nothing was going to happen… a lot of stuff happened. It all started with the forced own goal, courtesy of Michael Amir Murillo, in the 58th minute. Then, before the red smoke cleared, Daniel Royer caught a pass from Alejandro “Kakú” Romero Gamarra and scored the second goal just about one minute later. Not content to have only kinda caused a goal, Murillo came back for more. He scored the third goal in the 64th minute.

And that’s why I love you…

That really could have been the game, just at the 64th minute. Three goals in seven minutes would pretty much do it. Soon after the flurry of goals, defender Amro Tarek had to come off with an injury, with Sean Nealis replacing him. Royer and Alex Muyl made way for Omir Fernandez and Andreas Ivan. In the 83rd minute, Ivan crossed the ball to Fernandez, who buried the ball in the net for one last goal. So yeah– that could have been the game, nearly twenty minutes earlier. But that’s not how RBNY played it. They just kept going. And that is what fans want from their team.

RBNY travel to Talen Energy Stadium next week to face the Philadelphia Union.

(P.S. The kids out there will more likely know the Justin Timberlake/Anna Kendrick rendition for the movie “Trolls.” But this original is the one associated with the Pride movement being celebrated around the league in the month of June.)

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New York Red Bulls’ Not-So-Cruel Summer

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

May 25th: 0-2 win

It’s Memorial Day weekend! The unofficial start of summer. And there is so much soccer to be had in the coming weeks. While I’m waiting for the match to start, I wanted to take some time to reflect on RBNY-adjacent information.

I sit around trying to smile: Legendary striker Bradley Wright-Phillips has been out for most of the season so far with a groin injury. I had that problem once, and while I most likely wasn’t anywhere near as athletic at the time as BWP is now, I can tell you it’s a tricky thing. You think you’re okay, so you try to get back to normal and you end up back where you started. So, while I can’t say with any certainty that this is what’s keeping him out of the gameday rosters, it would be totally understandable.

And the team is still afloat despite his absence:

Leaving me here on my own: Six players have been called to international duty: Aaron Long & Kyle Duncan*, USA; Kemar Lawrence, Jamaica; Alejandro Romero Gamarra, Paraguay; Derrick Etienne, Jr., Haiti; and Michael Amir Murillo, Panama. That’s… a lot of RBNY defenders. Tim Parker, Amro Tarek, Sean Nealis, and Connor Lade will have to stay healthy and focused. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alex Muyl return to the back line as necessary.

*Duncan could be held back by the team, but I don’t think that will happen.

The city is crowded: Now on to the match… I’m not alone in saying that I am very happy to see Cincinnati in MLS. The stadium was hopping, and so was the ball. Seriously– control was very difficult with the artificial surface. But it looked like a good time in the crowd. The Orange and Blue was prominent and the fans were plenty loud.

You found yourself: And it’s a good thing something was entertaining in the stadium, because the on-field action was mostly a huge yawn. For over seventy minutes, RBNY were unable to even get a shot on target. It took some clever substitutions from Chris Armas to turn things around. Alejandro “Kakú” Romero Gamarra scored in the 78th, and Brian White assisted Omir Fernandez to a goal in the 91st. All three of those players came off the bench. I mean… that’s just amazing. It’s like they pulled the win out of…. ahem– thin air.

It’s too hot to handle: Nineteen goals on the season; fifteen different goalscorers. The Red Bulls leapfrogged into third place in the Eastern Conference. It wasn’t long ago they were languishing in the basement. Like, I think it was last week. MLS is a fickle mistress, and we’re just along for the ride. Let’s hope the Red Bulls can keep this from being a cruel summer.

P.S. Let’s enjoy some ’80s-tastic tunes, shall we?


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New York Red Bulls Keep my Fascination

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Wednesday, May 22: 2-2 draw

Who doesn’t love a midweek non-conference match-up that runs right up against evening rush hour?

Okay, maybe not a lot of people. But I made the effort to see the New York Red Bulls take on the Vancouver Whitecaps. I just love me some “O Canada!”

And he was there, smiling and waving to fans who have never stopped loving him. Even though he tried to do to the Red Bulls what he had done for them not too long ago.

It seems a little time is needed: I am leery of any sport that adults can play with a quick turnaround, even multiple games in one day (I’m looking at you, baseball…). So it’s important to point out that a midweek game sandwiched between a Sunday match and a Saturday match is pretty rough. Not to worry! says the coaching staff. The “next man up” mentality is vital to the Red Bulls and their pressing play, so they tried something different. While there is no such thing as an unimportant game, this was a chance for Chris Armas to show what could be accomplished in an unusual situation.

Decisions to be made: No Parker- no problem. Sean Nealis went in after Tim Parker was sent off Sunday, so bringing him in for Parker’s suspension made total sense. Aaron Long still smarting from a hamstring pull? Amro Tarek will do just fine. Kemar Lawrence and Michael Murillo need a rest? Bring in Connor Lade and Kyle Duncan. When you want to give some time off to Sean Davis, look no further than Alex Muyl, utility player extraordinaire. Brian White and Derrick Etienne, Jr. got in a much-needed shift up top, especially as Etienne heads to the Gold Cup for the Haitian national team. But no one in the starting lineup was any sort of stranger to the pitch. This could have been a joyride.

The best of plans mislaid: Literally ANY time a team thinks that this should be easy is when it’s not. A massive counterattack just before the half-hour mark put the Whitecaps ahead, with Scott Sutter scoring the opening goal.

In an old familiar way: And get it back, they did. Tarek and White got their heads on a ball to level the match before halftime. White also crossed the ball early in the second half that Vancouver defender Andy Rose got a foot on before going into the net. I’m a generally positive person, so I would prefer to call it a brace for Brian White rather than an own goal. I’m also not a statistician, so I don’t have to be all that accurate.

And so the conversation turned: Reminiscent of the matchup against Sporting Kansas City, the Red Bulls ended up tying when they really could have won. The ball grazed Nealis’s arm in the box– and here’s my first time actually saying this for this season– and ENTER VAR. Vancouver was awarded a kick from the spot, which Fredy Montero converted to bring the game level again. Although Armas brought out some trustworthy attackers like Davis and Daniel Royer, as well as Tom Barlow, nothing found the back of the net for the remainder of the match.

So yeah– it’s a draw that feels a little like a loss. But maybe it was worth the stumble. We’ll see who and what the team has to offer Saturday, when they head out to Ohio to face FC Cincinnati (which I know how to spell now). RBNY scraped out a win their last meeting this season, so hopefully they can keep their fans feeling fascination.

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New York Red Bulls Are the Storm

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Sunday, May 19th: 1-0 win

This may come as a shock to you: Soccer reporting is only a small part of my life. Outside of this, I’m your quasi-typical soccer mom. And quite frankly, the weather has really been cramping my style lately. So when I saw the weather forecast for Sunday, I didn’t hold back:

But it all worked out. My sons had their regularly scheduled games. I was able to go to Red Bull Arena to watch the New York Red Bulls face Atlanta United. The promised thunderstorm politely waited until I was home safe that night.

And boy, am I glad I made it!

You would always win, always win: Against the expansion team, RBNY has usually done well. Their tendency to falter in away legs– something they haven’t completely overcome– did them in during the 2018 playoffs. But Atlanta has never scored on them in Red Bull Arena. Something something fortress. I’ll let it slide.

And I threw us into the flames: The first half was mostly a whole bunch of nothing. Both teams were clearly determined to get out in front, which moved the game much like a tennis match. But in the 35th minute, Tim Parker received a straight red for a foul on Josef Martinez. Having already lost Aaron Long to injury, this match was shaping up to be a daunting task. But the team gave a collective, “hold my electrolyte squeeze bottle.”

And as it fell, you rose to claim it:  Tom Barlow, bright-eyed and full of promise. A midwestern collegian and SuperDraft pick. A powerhouse for the USL squad who had made the big time. His second outing, his third touch of the night. Substitute Sean Nealis supplied the ball to Danny Royer, who sent the ball across the face of the goal. A header that bobbled past Brad Guzan. Yes, *that* Brad Guzan. The only goal of the night, which led to Barlow being named Man of the Match.

But there’s a side to you:  Of course this match was touted as an opportunity for revenge. Particularly for Kemar Lawrence, who was injured in a match at Mercedes-Benz Arena and had to be taken to the hospital. Then a knee injury kept him out of the playoff series that Atlanta won on their way to the MLS Cup. The flu kept him sidelined for a few matches this year, and the team felt the absence more often than not. So nothing was going to hold him down in this matchup. I’ve spoken to Lawrence in the past, and he is, as they say across the pond, “cool as you like.” But he was all fired up as the game ended!

Is it the most sporting thing to do? Maybe not. But no one was hurt, and fans can have an appreciation for the passion. No one was penalized, so it clearly wasn’t that big of a deal. Now the team prepares for a midweek bout against former teammate Felipe Martins and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

You and me together nothing gets better: Also….the morning of the match, I had to drive my oldest son to his game. He just turned 15. While his team lost 5-1, he at least scored the one goal for his side. And the next night his team advanced to the semi-finals of the MCYSA League Cup.

(P.S. If you ask nicely– and buy me a drink– I’ll sing this for you at Karaoke night)

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New York Red Bulls Dance On

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Saturday, May 11th: 1-3 Win

Just three days after their home loss to the Impact, the New York Red Bulls went to Deepinaharta, Texas…. okay, Frisco. FC Dallas, coming into the match in fifth place in the Western Conference, wanted to bounce back from a loss to the Houston Dynamo. But like a gift from the heavens, the Red Bulls turned things around and are bringing home three points.

A piece to the puzzle that falls into place: If you correctly predicted the Starting XI for the Red Bulls, you should go out and buy a lottery ticket. Word is that captain Luis Robles stayed home. I can only imagine an injury kept him out, even though he was not listed on the injury report. Weird flex, but okay. Ryan Meara has been amazing before, particularly in the Open Cup. The team was in good gloves.

Every soul in the room keeping time with their hands:Venezuelan midfielder Cristian Casseres, Jr. hasn’t made the starting lineup too much. But his goal in the twelfth minute should really make a case for him going forward. Also, Andreas Ivan with the assist was a thing of beauty.

The devil himself could be pulled out of me: When I first started following RBNY, stoppage time was nervewracking. They most often conceded goals in those last few moments before the whistle. That was what made the leveler from Jesus Ferreira so upsetting. Going into the half tied, while better than chasing the game, was not ideal.

There were drums in the air: Sean Nealis, the Hofstra graduate and 2019 draft pick, stepped up at centerback with Aaron Long recovering from a hamstring injury. While technically Michael Amir Murillo nailed the ball to the net in the 58th minute, Nealis got the credit for putting his noggin on it.

You could tell how we felt: Brian White also made a goal to sew up the game (85′). This was White’s second goal this season.  No Bradley Wright-Phillips? No Royer? NO PROBLEM! Let’s see if anyone from this lineup dances on into the night of the 19th, when Atlanta United rolls into town.

P.S. I had it in my head that playing Dallas called for a little Carlos Santana. Don’t give me a hard time about Chad Kroeger– for this song, it works.

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New York Red Bulls Fall Apart


Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Wednesday, May 8: 1-2 loss

Having missed a heck of a show last Saturday (a 3-2 win over the mighty Galaxy), I was looking forward to the team going three in a row at home. They’ve had a rough go of things so far this season, with only three wins. But their fortune was turning around, and another win against a Piatti-less Montreal Impact would set them up for a positive road trip to Dallas.

Don’t look now; things just got worse.

I got my wings: The RBNY pipeline has multiple channels. Tom Barlow, selected in the 2018 MLS SuperDraft, cut his teeth in the USL squad and made a big impression. He has already put up six goals this season for RBII, so Sporting Director Denis Hamlett gave him the big call-up: he signed a first team contract. Just hours after the official announcement, Barlow found himself in the Starting XI.

It was a bit of a surprise to the Missouri native. “I was supposed to go to Canada with the USL team and I tried handing in my passport and they said I’m not going.” (Red Bulls II played to a 1-1 draw against the Ottawa Fury the same day as the MLS match).

With striker Bradley Wright-Phillips still out with an injury, it was time to ‘shop the closet’ and bring in someone the organization hopes is ready for the next level. Keeping his USL number 74 jersey, he also played 74 minutes.

While he didn’t score the hat trick I was of course expecting, he made a good showing. The only way for a player like Barlow to get used to being in MLS is for him to actually be in MLS. This is admittedly easier said than done, especially when the team overall isn’t doing well. But that’s not on Barlow. I’m excited for the kid… and I know how ‘Soccer Mom’ that makes me sound. I’m not ashamed.

When things start to feel right: For the third straight game, a defender tallied a goal for RBNY. This time, it was Aaron Long, 2018 MLS Defender of the Year. Our own Captain America. His header off Marc Rzatkowski’s free kick was perfection. It was the kind of set piece goal that had been New York’s signature threat in seasons past. All they had to do was continue in that vein for the second half.

You can count on me to start to doubt it: When Maxi Urruti put an inswinger to Zakaria Diallo and Diallo leveled the match, it was a small disappointment. The game was just past the hour mark– plenty of time to renew the attack, or at least hold the tie and get a point.

But Aaron Long’s over-emphatic defense on Anthony Jackson-Hamel resulted in a penalty kick for the Impact. Urruti took the kick from the spot, opening his account for the season with the conversion. Another defensive move from Long moments later sparked a hamstring injury that forced him off the field.

Manager Chris Armas had already spent his three substitutions on attacking options, so the team was forced to play with only ten men for the last ten minutes of the match. Thankfully the Red Bulls were able to keep Montreal from capitalizing on the advantage. Granted the damage had already been done. So now the Red Bulls head to Dallas trying to put it back together.

P.S. When the Red Bulls were winning, I was all set to use one song. Then I chose another when they were tied. I was at a loss when the team… well– lost. But thanks to my satellite radio for coming in clutch.

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New York Red Bulls Celebrate 100 Wins

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Saturday, April 27: 1-0 Win

The weather is warmer, the sun staying a little longer. The tailgate celebrations are louder, the crowds… a little bigger. The New York Red Bulls welcomed class of 2019 expansion side FC Cincinnati to Red Bull Arena. The teams last met in the 2017 Open Cup; it ended as any Red Bull fan had hoped.

He may be mellow: Saturday marked the 5th annual Autism Awareness night. The “Light it up Blue” event was marked by a slightly quieter public announcement system, free sensory aids, and a reminder of the league’s only permanent Sensory Room for overwhelmed visitors. The usual red numbers on the team kits were replaced with a dazzling blue. These kits, as well as the team’s walkout shirts, will be auctioned off to benefit Autism Speaks. I don’t think I can afford any of them, so if anyone wants to send me one, feel free*.

Take my time: The whole first half was rather slow. The Red Bulls dominated possession, but didn’t really do anything with it. Possession isn’t usually their thing, anyway. And it was unclear how the team would operate without Bradley Wright-Phillips and Cristian Casseres Jr.

Something just beyond what he’s told: The lone goal of the game came from… a defender. Connor Lade, that lovable veteran homegrown player, who had to recover from knee surgery–something I have to say way too much– to fight for his spot in a suddenly strong back line. He’s no massive centerback like Tim Parker and Aaron Long. He’s not an international outside back like Kemar Lawrence or Michael Amir Murillo. But what he is, is just what the team needed in that moment. This is the goal that helped Lade onto Team of the Week:

One hundred days, one hundred nights: It took a little longer than fans would have liked. Getting to one hundred wins at Red Bull Arena is an impressive feat. It took nine years and one month: the Red Bulls won their home opener on March 27th, 2010 against the Chicago Fire. Since then, this Cathedral of Soccer has hosted playoffs every year, as well as several Lamar Hunt Open Cup and CONCACAF Champions League matches. It commemorates Bradley Wright-Phillips’ contributions to the team, and holds the names of several Metrostars and RBNY legends like Tony Meola and Thierry Henry. 

Most recently, the team’s three Supporter’s Shields were memorialized. This year, some sections in the upper level have been cordoned off, presumably for upgrades to the overall fan experience. Fans will have to trust the process, as they have with the team itself. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on what’s on the field instead.

*– I’m totally kidding, don’t send me free stuff. Unless, you know, you’re into that sort of thing.

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New York Red Bulls in the Land of Confusion

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Saturday, April 20: 1-0 loss

When I decided to make sure 100% of my articles had a musical theme, I did worry that there would be difficulty. Would I be forced to repeat myself? Would I rely on the same artists? Could there be a song that encapsulated the team performance, good, bad, or indifferent?

Behold, the power of music.

I must’ve dreamed a thousand dreams: This is the same team that won the 2018 Supporter’s Shield, right? I mean, I was there. Compared to last year, this hardly looks like the same team.

Okay, so Tyler Adams left for German pastures. That shouldn’t have made such a difference. But losing 1-0 to the New England Revolution? Both teams were looking for just their second win of the season. Something’s clearly missing, and it’s not just a matter of personnel.

Losing control by the hour: It wasn’t like the Red Bulls had nothing going for them.  Overall, the team looked more like themselves, allowing New England to have the ball and trying to take advantage of turnovers. Shots came from all but three players who saw time on the field. Bradley Wright-Phillips alone was responsible for four shots. But nothing found the inside of the net. Instead, Cristian Penilla came off the bench in the 71st minute and scored just two minutes later. Even though Andreas Ivan tried to pull a super-sub move of his own, it hit the outside of the net instead. 

Not much love to go round: So the frustration is real. 1-2-4 on the season. There’s a saying in business– “If you can’t change the people, you have to change the people.” So if the current players and coaches aren’t up to snuff, it’s time to look for new players and coaches… right? The rumors about a certain former RBNY player coming back to coach were greatly unfounded. And new players will have to wait until summer, anyway.

The call of International Duty may help absent Red Bull hearts to grow fonder or allow new faces to make their impact. The regular season is a marathon, not a sprint. But something has to give, and soon. This coming weekend, RBNY hosts expansion squad FC Cincinnati.

(I loved the original, but it was written before most of the squad was born. So here’s the impressive cover version. I hope you don’t mind that I went with a video minus the uber-political imagery– we all know how Genesis and Disturbed feel.)

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New York Red Bulls Begging for Mercy

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Sunday, April 14th: 2-2 Draw

Hey folks.

I know… this is kinda on the late side. Sorry about that. It’s been a hectic week in more ways than one.

The New York Red Bulls traveled to Children’s Mercy Park to face Sporting Kansas City. The team once known as the Wiz had done something the team once known as the MetroStars couldn’t: advance to the CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinals.

It didn’t exactly go to plan for SKC: they bowed out with a 10-2 aggregate score. They needed to bounce back. And the Red Bulls just needed some bounce as well. Losing the last three games, RBNY had to do something. Well, that was sure what happened.

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me: SKC’s Johnny Russell was leading the charge on the Red Bulls’ goal. With Kemar Lawrence staying home due to illness, it was up to Connor Lade to do most of the work against Russell. Eventually he powered through, scoring the first goal of the night in the 24th minute. The remainder of the first half was essentially stopping that from happening again.

Don’t even know your power: The tide shifted in the second half. A passback from Bradley Wright-Phillips went to Cristian Casseres, Jr., who chipped it up and over to Daniel Royer while he was on a breakaway run. He was soon 1 on 1 with SKC goalkeeper Tim Melia, but Royer took advantage of his going to ground, dodged him, and angled the ball into the net to level the score. It was a goal unlike any this year for the Red Bulls, and I am here for it.

Take it easy on my heart: Then, Brian White was subbed on for BWP. An imminent club legend, Wright-Phillips deserves a break whenever. He’s done a lot for the team, so I ain’t even mad. Especially when White can nab the go-ahead goal on a stunning header in the box. He redirected a cross from Alejandro Romero Gamarra to put the Red Bulls ahead for the first time that night. Maybe this was the night all the demons were shaken off and the season could continue as originally intended.

You keep tearing me apart: Almost at the death, youngster Gianluca Busio further cemented his status as a Kansas City phenom. Keeping his cool following a punching save from Luis Robles, he took a pass from Graham Zusi and nailed it into the net, bringing the game to a draw once again. This was his third goal in as many games– simply impressive.

Please have mercy on me: Then, right at the end of the match, all hell broke loose. Kakú, frustrated over a missed pass, kicked the ball off the field. Into the stands. Into a man’s face.

Since then, there have been NUMEROUS discussions regarding his intent, his level of remorse, and what the punishment should be. I don’t want to predict or discuss at this point. In fact, part of the reason this article is so late in coming was that I was just hoping to report the official decision of the Disciplinary Committee… but nothing has been said as of yet.

Kakú was ejected from the game, and will miss the next match against the Revolution at minimum. We’ll see what else is in store. May DisCo have mercy on us all.


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New York Red Bulls Feeling Blue

Official NY Red Bulls Reporter

By Sylvana Budesheim // @WhiteZinWench

Saturday, April 6: 1-2 loss

One loss against Orlando: Well… okay.

Another loss against Chicago: Um.. what?

A third loss in a row, against Minnesota: Yikes!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m sitting here looking down my nose, saying, “Ugh– but it’s Minnesota!” I know things have been looking up for the Loons this season. No team can be in charge of another’s success. But RBNY has been so confident. And for what? To have four points out of a possible fifteen?

You look like you haven’t felt the fire:

Overall, the Red Bulls had a lackluster performance. There were, of course, the flashes of brilliance: Luis Robles and his three saves. Tim Parker‘s full-body ball clearance. Mathias Jørgensen and his half-dozen or so runs on goal that hint at exactly why he’s in a Red Bulls kit.

Then there was Cristian Casseres Jr. His goal in the 70th minute was the phenomenal moment that fans are looking for each week. But ninety-plus minutes is a long time to watch a match and only see momentary flashes. There’s frustration at Red Bull Arena, even if maybe it can’t be found on the pitch.

He’s stealing your thunder:

Of all the soccer clichés that get on my nerves… actually, “it’s only halftime” is the one that makes me want to thunder-punch someone the most. And “the calm before the storm” is obnoxious, but ubiquitous in sports (and we send along all infractions to Pablo Maurer). But after that, “defend our fortress” is rising in the power rankings for triteness. Because what happened when fans were told the team would defend the fortress?

Abu Danladi and Romario Ibarra: that’s what happened. Anyone watching on TV sees goal celebrations equally from either side: play stops, teammates hug, the players reset. But when a visiting team scores and you’re there to see it live, it’s almost surreal. The home team resets and the din of the crowd remains level. Very often, if not for the change on the scoreboard, I wouldn’t actually believe a goal occurred. The team can get back to fortress defending any time now. Immediately would be best.

Blue ain’t your color, baby:

Because, after all, NY is Red. It might be easier to cry over the sky falling, kiss the season goodbye, and find another sports venue for your entertainment. But sports fandom is not built for ease; rather, it’s a way to be show what you’re made of. So instead, let us demand the team dust off the past, forge ahead together, and bring it to Sporting KC in their Blue Hell of Children’s Mercy Park.

(P.S. Because I’m a little bit country, and I’m a little bit rock n’ roll…)

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