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Sounders Suffer First Loss Of The Season To LAFC, 4-1

Official Seattle Sounders Reporter

By Ashley Savage // @savage_hart

Coming to Los Angeles as the last undefeated team in MLS, the Sounders were definitely a lesser version of the team that started the season with the greatest run in franchise history. With Chad Marshall, Raul Ruidiaz and Will Bruin all missing the trip, Jordan Morris became the lone forward in Seattle’s 4-2-3-1 lineup.

After a midweek flop in Vancouver, the Black and Gold were aggressive and borderline vengeful with their attack from the opening whistle. After repeatedly knocking on the door, Carlos Vela finished off a beautiful pass from Mark-Anthony Kaye for the game’s opening goal.

The remainder of the first half, Seattle seemed unable to get anything started offensively and had several miscues on defense. Shortly before the halftime whistle, Eduard Atuesta took Roman Torres for a slip and slide as he slotted home the second goal for LAFC in the first 45.

Known for his compelling halftime speeches, Brian Schmetzer’s boys came out of the locker room with an improved look and created some excellent build up play. In the 51st minute, Victor Rodriguez found an open Harry Shipp, who tallied his first goal of the season and brought the Sounders back within one.

However, four minutes later Carlos Vela scored an almost identical goal to his first of the day, this time assisted by Atuestsa. In the 61st minute, Christian Ramirez tapped in a sitter from six yards out that gave Kaye his third assist of the day and LAFC a 4-1 lead.

While the game finished with a 4-1 score, the saga continues less than seven days later as LAFC will travel to Seattle for an incredibly quick rematch in the Emerald City. With injuries plaguing the Sounders in Los Angeles, a full squad and home field environment should help the Sounders put on a better display. However, a midweek home match against San Jose will likely require some squad rotation and depth is a luxury the Sounders do not currently have.

A comment on fan behavior

Let me start this by saying I’m not a Sounders fan who hates all other Western Conference or MLS teams. When I first became a season ticket holder, I went to an away game in Portland. A small group of us were grabbing beers at a bar far from the stadium that was playing morning football games (the Seahawks were playing) and no one in the bar was wearing Timbers gear. Eventually, a small group of Timbers came in to the bar. A girl from their group walked up to me, threw sardines in my face and tossed a salmon head on the table while saying “today we gut the fish”. I was in shock. I promised myself then and there I would never become a fan fueled by hatred for other teams, only passion for my own.

I enjoy watching other teams do impressive and inspiring things, because it benefits the league. I love what Atlanta is doing with their fanbase and attendance. I love Minnesota’s new soccer specific stadium. I love what Mia, Magic and Will Ferrel are building in LA and I respect the hell out of Bob Bradley. Having him coach in this league helps make MLS more respectable globally.

What does not help the reputation of MLS is LAFC fans throwing beer on opposing team players. It is atrocious beyond explanation. Watching a sideline fan throw beer on Nouhou, who was simply attempting to throw the ball in, was disgusting. And it’s not the first time. When facing RSL in the knock-out round last year, the referee stopped the game for 5 minutes after fans from the LAFC supporters section were throwing beers at Nick Rimando. This should not be a representation of team or fan culture if we ever hope to progress MLS to the level of the EPL, Bundesliga or La Liga, three leagues where actions like this would never be tolerated.

RSL Goalkeeper Nick Rimando’s tweet after having beer thrown on him in a playoff game last season.

While LAFC were a beautiful display of skill on the field Sunday, it disappointed me to see fans still throwing beers on opposing team players. I hope that fan behavior can someday replicate the professional integrity of the teams.

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To Be A Seattle Sounders Fan

Seattle Sounders Key Contributor

By Kaitlyn O’Rourke

To be a Seattle Sounders fan means to love the team that was born in 1974, to love the boys in famous green, to be “full of hopes an’ full of fears, full of laughter, full of tears, full of dreams to last the years…”

It means to be the “rowdiest” fans in the league, to wear bright green and blue. But most of all, it means to love the team with all your heart. Even if you can’t march to the match, or sing and chant for 90 minutes with 45,000 others.

Even if you can’t lose your voice or follow them to every corner of the country and Canada, if you can only get to a few games per year. To be a Sounders fan means to carry the stories and memories of the team with you. It means to be eternal blue, forever green.

The Memories

The following list is a collection of anecdotes from Sounders fans (and Cristian Roldan’s family) about their favorite moments as a fan. (Promise they aren’t all the MLS Cup.)

~”When Marco Pappa volleyed the ball over Jaime Pinedo‘s head, to score our second goal, and claimed the Supporter’s shield.” –Jesse Lopez (Oct. 2014)

~”A friend brought me to a bar to watch a game. It was there I became a part of the ECS.” –Danny DiRe

~”Loved  traveling to our first away match in Vancouver, and seeing the players celebrate with us in ECS.” –Sandra Azevedo

~”My favorite Sounders moment of all-time was Kasey Keller’s last game. When Kasey Keller made that save in [h]is last game against the Earthquakes that put a huge smile on my face.” – Travis Hartman

~”During my first boom boom clap was the first moment I realized I was free of my emotionally abusive husband and I could live a life of my choice. For that, I will be a Sounder till I die.” –Kyla Lanham

~”Meeting the guys at the airport after my sister in law told me they were on her flight.  We rushed to SeaTac, and were the only fans there. They were so incredibly gracious! My kids were stunned into mutes when Jordan started talking to us, and I admittedly became tongue tied. Ha!” –Trish Mathias

~”I’ll say watching the MLS Cup final in my dorm and having non soccer fans and Timbers fans cheering with me when Torres scored.” –Nelson Matthew

~”My first time going to see a match at CenturyLink. Having moved to Seattle, we had dinner downtown before hand and were amazed at how many families had on Sounders gear heading to the match. It felt like NFL-level support, and the stadium experience lived up to the hype.” –Nathan Reynolds

~”I went to a Sounders game at the Kingdome, and they had 58,000 fans there.” –Pat O’Rourke (Sounders vs Cosmos on April 9th, 1976)

~”We were lucky enough to be in Toronto for the Cup Final. I was wearing a Kilt, because we win when I wear it, so I was borderline Hypothermic. I will never forget the sudden adrenaline of Torres’ PK and how warm I felt for the next hour standing there cheering our champions. I doubt I’ll ever top that Sounders memory.” –Chad Harris

~ “His first MLS goal” – Cristian Roldan’s cousin

~”My favorite moment was when Sounders played Portland at home last year. I thought it was an outstanding performance by the team and it put Cristian Roldan on the map.” –Alexander Roldan (Cristian Roldan’s brother)

~“One of her favorite Sounders moments was when Jordan scored against the LA Galaxy on the 25th September last year. We were still living in Seattle then, living at the Ronald McDonald House and she watched the game with us at the house. It wasn’t so long after Jordan and Cristian had been to visit us at the Ronald McDonald House and played with Erin. She was really happy that they beat LA Galaxy!! Also she said winning the MLS Cup was another of her favourite moments. Also meeting Jordan, Cristian, Tyler and Jordan Schweitzer when they visited her quite a few times at Ronald McDonald House and played football and generally fooled around!” –Erin Cross’s mom, talking about her daughter’s favorite Sounders memories.

~“When my friend Kaitlyn and I were the only 2 Sounders fans in this one area at an away game but we were louder than all the fans in the section, well, she was louder.” -Elizabeth (“oh yeah and Jordan Morris scored and they won”)

My memory? The MLS Cup. I won’t say how much I cried or for how long. It’s embarrassing.

The entire game I felt like I would explode. I kept thinking “the longer this goes on, the better our chances are”. Somewhere I read something that said “We get 30 minutes of bonus soccer because someone upstairs doesn’t care about your blood pressure.” And that’s how I felt. I was in my basement, surrounded by a light up Rainier beer sign and blimp, and a Washington State shaped table, and my dad, who had told me about 50,000 Sounders fans at the Kingdome.

I must have jumped on and off my couch 1300 times in the 10 minute shootout. I remember every thought I had. On the Sounders 5th kick, it hit me, if Nico Lodeiro missed, we would lose. At that point, I couldn’t imagine experiencing that. I didn’t have to. The Toronto player who went next hit the crossbar. That’s when the first tear came.

When I saw Roman Torres walk up, all I could think about was if he would shoot it over the bar. He didn’t. We had won. All I could think about was that We Had Won The Cup. My hands were shaking. I had such a big lump in my throat, I was crying so much, that when I went up to see my mom, all I could say is “We Won”.

I stopped crying at one point during the press conference only to hear Brian Schmetzer choke up. I had prayed for this moment (and I don’t normally pray). I had made bets on milkshakes (and never lost one). I had more pictures of grown men crying on my phone than I am proud of. I had imagined it 1000 different ways, but now I can’t imagine it any other way.

To be a Sounders fan is what all of these people said. It’s to be at away games, to meet the guys, to do the boom-boom-clap, to carry the memories, it’s to fall in love with the team. To be eternal blue, forever green.

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